How Do I Apply Compost Tea?

Before you apply your compost tea it's important to consider who you will apply.
Here's a basic process for you to follow: 
  1. Spraying compost tea onto the leaves of a plant gives them a direct shot of nutrients.
  2. Spraying it over and around the root zone gives the plant its beneficial nutrients directly through the roots; it’s also a very fast and easy application method. The easiest way to do this is by putting some compost tea in a watering can and pouring it directly over.
  3. You can also use compost tea as a transplant solution. This will help your plants and shrubs transition into their new environment and minimize the stress of the move.
  4. You may have some leftover tea. Instead of just wasting it, you can put it back into your compost bin to help accelerate the microbial activity even further. In other words – quick composting!