• How To Make A Compost Tea Brewer For Under $100

    Please watch the video tutorial to show you how to make a Compost Tea Brewer for under $100 All the items that are available from your local hardwa...
  • How Long Does Compost Tea Last For?

    A while back, the general consensus was that compost tea had zero shelf life. In other words, you made up your batch and were forced to use it immediately. This is the case still if you don’t aerate it.
  • Why Is Compost Tea SO Good?

    The fact that both compost and compost tea have been used over the centuries for plant health can only mean one thing – it does work. Here are som...
  • How Much Compost Tea Do I Apply?

    Honestly, there’s no such thing as “too much” here! Thanks to the compost tea’s makeup of active aerobic organisms, you can apply as much or as li...
  • Why Aerate Compost Tea?

      Aerated compost tea (ACT or AACT) is a method that involves taking compost, water and a food source in a container and adding oxygen via an air...
  • Is There A Right Time To Apply Compost Tea?

    To improve absorption and get the very best results out of your tea, apply it when the soil and plants are moist. And if you really want to ensure that those beneficial organisms that have been cultivated in your compost remain active, the best time of day is either in the earlier hours of the morning or close to dusk when there are dewy conditions.
  • Is Compost Tea Good for Lawns?

    Another common question about compost tea is “Can I use it on my lawns?” The answer is yes.

    Adding a compost tea into soil prior to planting grass seeds makes for a good foundation for a healthier lawn. You’ll find that the grass will grow quicker, be greener, and less prone to weeds, which is always an added bonus.
  • How Do I Apply Compost Tea?

    Before you apply your compost tea it's important to consider who you will apply.
    Here's a basic process for you to follow: 
  • How Do I Make Compost Tea?

    Making compost tea is relatively straightforward. The most important thing you need to remember is to use well-aged compost. Why is this imperative? Unfinished compost can sometimes contain harmful pathogens that can cause more harm than good to your plants and vegetables.
  • Can Compost Tea Replace Fertilizer?

    Does Compost Tea completely replace other fertilizers? - It depends what you add to the tea while it's 'cooking'. Different stages of the plant's life need different nutrients.
  • What Is Compost tea?

    Compost tea is considered to be liquid gold when it comes to natural fertilizers for flowers, houseplants, vegetables and crops, as it produces hi...