Why Is Compost Tea SO Good?

The fact that both compost and compost tea have been used over the centuries for plant health can only mean one thing – it does work.

Here are some of the benefits of using compost tea in your garden and home:

1. Promotes Plant Growth

 Because you’ve used a breakdown of natural organic matter to concoct your compost tea it’s full of beneficial bacteria, resulting in healthier and bigger vegetables, greener leaves, and brighter blooms.

2. Feeds Plants and Soils with Nutrients

The biology that makes up a batch of compost is fast acting, meaning they’re absorbed quickly through the soil or leaves. As a foliar spray, compost tea protects the plants’ surfaces with beneficial microbes that ward off harmful pathogens that can bring disease to plants and crops. In short, the plants, flowers and vegetables will be less prone to mould, fungus and wilt.

3. Has Beneficial Organisms

The live microbes from the decomposed compost liquid not only enhance the soil’s health, but they also improve a plant’s immune system. The microbes also promote the growth of beneficial soil bacteria, which improves overall plant health and makes them more stress tolerant.

4. Removes The Need For Toxic Garden Chemicals

Not only will your plants’ health improve, you’ll also remove any toxic substances from your garden, which means that your garden will be safer for insects, animals, plants and soil, a homemade compost tea is easy to make, and it could potentially save you a great deal of money, especially if you have a big garden.

5. Make Plants Disease Resistant

The biology of the tea help makes a healthy balance between the soil and plant, which improves their ability to ward off pests and prevent diseases or fungus.

6. Improves Your Carbon Footprint

There’s no denying that using compost tea instead of fertilizer improves your carbon footprint and makes you a good green citizen of the world. Not only are you being kind to your garden, you’re also being more resourceful and mindful of the things you use.