Bio & Amino 1 Litre

Bio & Amino 1 Litre

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Bio+Amino – Organic Plant Nitrogen



    • Natural source of organic nitrogen.
    • Boosts plant growth and improves yield.
    • Increases plant ability to uptake water and essential nutrients.
    • Stronger plant resistance to environmental stresses, pests and disease attacks.

Bio+ Amino is a unique product delivering all the building blocks required for stronger healthier plants and improved soil fertility. This 100% organic based product provides a 10% nitrogen boost along with 19 amino acids essential for promoting healthy growth. Bio Amino allows plants to withstand and recover from harsh climatic conditions including heat stress, frost, drought, wind and salinity. Within the soil profile Bio Amino works to unlock antagonisms, drives enzymatic responses and chelate minerals making them more readily available for uptake.

Compatible with most commonly used fertilisers, pesticides and chelates.